Written by Patric Thomas
Why Some Firms Grow Faster Than Others

Like all markets and industry niches, the competition on the building design market is intense and while some entrepreneurs achieve goals within months, others spend years of hard work and vast sums of money to succeed. 

Have you ever asked yourself why some architect firms grow faster than others do? There are five main reasons which can explain this process, the following are some of the reasons why some firms can have an edge over others:

In a relatively recent article by Hinge Marketing, they researched several hundred professional services businesses and asked the question above, why some firms grow faster than others and why?

In their research it was clear that firms that thrive in todays professional services industry are those that specialize in a narrow field of design or practice. This allows them to easily develop more specific information about an element of design that they can bring to the market and publish the information allowing them to appear to be the go to firm for that skill base.

In turn specialisation gives a practice more resources to focus on a more narrow field and giving them greater leverage and they are able to gain more traction creating an increased chance of being the visible expert for that skills.

Today as almost all search begins online, any publication of material when it come to specialisation will give a firm a great advantage given that architects and professional services today get most of their leads online using search engine optimisation and not through referrals.

The market is changing in how people source information and in order to be in front of prospects you need to have a strong online presence and push the visible expert approach.

Patric Thomas

Patric Thomas helps architects source and find more leads and project inquiries on a consistently and predictably.  He is a specialist marketing consultant and helping technical professionals get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.  If you're interested in sourcing leads or scaling up and getting more projects, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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