Written by Patric Thomas
How Architects Can Find More Leads Online

The development in technology today is the main reason why many people do a lot of research in the internet before purchasing anything. The internet is also the main reason why there is increased competition in the various industries. The architect industry has not been left behind either. Studies show that the architects that get around 20% of their leads online. It is due to this that many companies are beginning to look for leads online. 

How architects can find more leads online - There are several different tips on how you can find more leads online. Some of these tips are listed below;

Appropriate articles
Create an article that will be able to solve the problems of the clients online. As an architect, you have to understand the persona of your clients and the problems they are likely to face. When you are able to solve the problems of your potential clients online, they are able to think of you as the first option when they have design or planning problems.

Using explanation videos 

Most of the people in the internet will often give you only a few seconds to prove your worth to them. This is therefore the reason why explanation videos are very effective on You Tube. When the prospective clients play your video, then you have been able to buy more seconds for yourself. Your video should be able to explain a lot about the issues to articles‚ extensively and gain the trust of your clients. If you are able to solve the potential problems of the clients, then you are able to earn their trust. 

There are many ads that do not get the chance to get past the first page of google. The best option to ensure that your ad gets past the page is to pay google. Paying google will ensure that your ad is on the first page of google. There are already many companies that are involved in the pay-per-click. It is important to ensure that the key words you use are not very broad in order to be able to drive the crowd to your page. 

Create a Q & A session with your prospective clients in the internet.

Ensure that you create sometime from your schedule to answer the questions people might have. When you publicly answer a question helps you create a bond with the client and it also helps you gain their trust. It is also a way of marketing your services. When you answer the questions, ensure that you place before the handle of the user. This way, many other users will be able to see your answer on the question. 

Conclusion - Many industries have adopted the use of the internet to market their services to their clients. Architecture is no different. Just like other industries, architects can find their leads online in several steps. Some of the steps include pay-per-click ads, having a Q & A session and even using explanation videos. These and many other tips are how accountants can find more leads online.  

Patric Thomas

Patric Thomas helps architects source and find more leads and project inquiries consistently and predictably.  He is a specialist marketing consultant and helping technical professionals get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.  If you're interested in sourcing leads or scaling up your practice, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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