Written by Patric Thomas
Using Google Maps to Get more Project Leads

What is Google Maps?

It is a free and easy to use web map service application and technology that has been offered by Google. It helps people who try to find your products or services locally to find your exact location quickly. In simple terms, we can say that, like any SEO tool, Google Maps will help you get
high visibility in the search engines. Therefore, you will get better results.

In the case of your company, it includes details such as commercial locations, contact information and also driving directions. 

In this time and age, it is essential to optimize in Google Maps for your business. However, many companies ignore this perspective. This is because they do not understand that the increase and value of these maps are unquestionable and can pay big dividends to their businesses.

In this writing, you will learn the different techniques that you can use these maps to optimize your business online.

1. Description of Google Maps with essential keywords This can also be called Meta description. It will only allow you to describe your business in a 200 character paragraph. Just as the name
sounds, you should describe your business with important keywords that can help users find your business without difficulty.

 Try not to use unwanted keywords; better use them wisely. For more information on how to help Google track and index your site, take a look at the main SEO tools to reflect on your online business. Note: Do not forget to enter your web address as this is the only way you can get exposure to your website.

2. Correct and detailed contact information - This is where you put your correct and detailed information about where your business is located. This helps people locate their business
physically with ease. In case you are moving locations, you should start the Google Map update process in advance, since you do not want to have two Google Maps with details of the same thing.

3. Make use of the five categories- In these maps lists, you have the option to choose the five
most appropriate and detailed categories for your business. Maximizing in the categories allows you to reach different people with different needs. It is advisable to enter groups that are linked to your business so that it helps Google to show your company the right searches.

4. Include photos and videos - In Google lists, you will find an option to upload photos or
videos. Even though they do not help in your SEO ranking, this is fine, as they are self-explanatory. Search engines tend to be more attracted to photo listings than to those that do not have, who knows, some of them could be potential customers.

5. Create a Google Maps landing page- Because these map lists allow you to access your company's site, you can create a landing page exclusively for Google searches. In this way, it will be easy for you to follow the search traffic in Google Maps and, therefore, increase your SEO as an important web page.

6. Take into account the additional details- This is where you can improve your Google Maps lists.
Although the additional is optional (it depends on you to use it), however, there are more advantages if you use it, since it will promote the interrelation of your user with your list. You can add more keywords and even provide customers with more information, for example, you can add your work hours, payment options and much more.


7. Send your finished listing - After everything said and done, you must verify that the information in your listing is correct and then send it. Google Maps will ask you to verify your listings by phone or postcard. Then, your Google Maps listings will be published and begin to appear in the search results.

 Now that you know what you need to do to optimize your business online with Google Maps, you can put it into practice and see how your business moves to the next level.

Patric Thomas

Patric Thomas helps architects source and find more leads and project inquiries consistently and predictably.  He is a specialist marketing consultant and helping technical professionals get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.  If you're interested in sourcing leads or scaling up your practice, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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